Funny Quote-I Am In Shape-Round Is A Shape  

The term "in shape" is often used to suggest that something or someone is in a positive overall condition.

片語in shape”通常是指:人或物整體上處於正面/好的狀況,例如:

If a person is overweight and eventually loses a few pounds or kilograms. That person might say that he’s in better shape or good shape.

如果某人體重過重,經過一段時間減重,那他現在身體處於 "better shape or good shape" 較佳或健康狀況。

If you can perform the sport well, you are considered in shape.

如果你在運動項目上表現的很好,你被認定為 "in shape" 體能狀況佳。

If someone owns a car, and it has no serious mechanical troubles, he might say that it’s in good shape, or if it’s nearly perfect, he might even say that it’s in "great" shape.

如果某人擁有一部汽車,長期以來沒有嚴重機械功能問題,那這部汽車處於 "good shape" 好的狀況;如果汽車幾乎完美,那這部汽車處於 "great shape" 極佳狀況。

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